Friday, November 25, 2011

Car Page - Quiet Book pages 6 & 7

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Okay guys, this is one of my favorite quiet book pages. It's simple, really, but was complicated to make at the same time. It's simple because its function is simple - you take the car out of the pocket where it's stored and you play with it on the road.

It was complicated to make because each of the little things - the bushes, tree trunks, tree tops, house bits, school, windows - needed to be hand-sewed on. And the yellow house, the little flower patch, and the flag are completely thread - no felt at all. It took a long time. And by long I mean like two whole days. But even though (and probably because) it took so long, I really like the way it turned out.

The little felt car I made :)

Random fyi: the yellow bits in the middle of the road are from a thin yellow-patterned ribbon that I cut up and sewed on with the machine. And the car storage pocket is not felt; it's some blue linen-type fabric I happened to have. In case you wanted to know. :)

I hope our kids have fun playing with it!

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 I've started a new blog, The Quiet Book Blog, at If you'd like to see more pictures of quiet books and instructions on how to make one, check it out!


  1. Oh my goodness! When did you get to be so incredibly crafty?!? That book is possibly the cutest thing I've ever seen. I made one a few years ago, and I thought it was pretty cute until I saw yours! :) You are looking darling, by the way - we can't wait to see your sweet baby girl soon!!

  2. Ahhhh! I love this page! Cars were my favorite toys as a kid, and I couldn't have them at church because hot wheels on the benches was noisy, but your car is perfect! So rad!

  3. Thanks you guys! :D Ashley, I hope to see you guys soon. I can't wait to meet Cameron. :) Lanette, the car was actually really easy to make - I just cut out two car side shapes, one long piece of felt for the top, one for the bottom, and four little black felt wheels. I sewed the wheels on the sides, then sewed the sides to the long top piece and to the bottom piece with a blanket stitch. And somewhere in the middle, I filled it with cotton balls. And that was it! :D

  4. This car page is just awesome! My little boy will love this!

  5. My son is obsessed with CARS. So, I'm making something similar for him for Christmas so we can have a quiet book reader in the back seat being a "2 year old back seat driver." I mentioned some of these books you make in my blog under DIY Christmas gifts, I went thru hundreds of pages. Took 5 days to write my post on Christmas Shopping part 2, and your blog is featured a bunch. Thanks for such an inspiring idea, and thank you for sharing it FREELY. I also appreciate your views on God. A GREAT friend of mine is a member of your church, and she just got a calling to be a Missionary. She's taken me to church a few times, and I for once didn't feel judged. I went thru all sorts of studies. The reason I quit was personal~having to do with rules and 'rituals' rather than my belief, but I'm still an open minded Christian. Who knows maybe I came across this page for more than ways to give gifts, maybe i's a sign...........Well THANK YOU SO MUCH. Love the onesies too. :)

  6. Hi, I have made two pages out of your templates so thank you! I made the barn and the potato head pages and my daughter already loves them! I had a quick question on whether you had a template for the car or did you just wing it?

  7. I'm working on making this book for my 1 year old for Christmas. I've been working on it for about a month and it's getting close! I have the details left - sewing on snaps, some of the details of the cars page (including making that cool car), etc., then I'll bed done! I'm excited! Thank you for the great ideas and free templates! (Oh, and I'm Mormon too. :))

  8. I may be missing something, but is the pattern to make the car available?

    1. Hi! Sorry; I don't have a pattern for the little car. The shapes I cut out to make it were:

      - 4 black felt wheels (little circles)
      - 2 car-shaped side pieces
      - 1 long rectangle piece (for the top)
      - 1 short rectangle piece (for the bottom)

      I sewed two wheels to each car-shaped side piece. I then stitched the two car-shaped side pieces to the long top piece, and then stitched the bottom piece on the bottom. Before I sewed all the way around, I stuffed the car with cotton. I would recommend stuffing the car with a lot of cotton, as it tends to get kind of squished. After I filled it with cotton, I finished sewing all the way around on the bottom.

      I hope that helps!


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