Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Apple Tree and the Dinosaur - Quiet Book Pages 4 & 5

Hi guys! Thanks for tuning in for day three of the quiet book pages. Today I'm excited to show you the apple tree and (more especially!) the dinosaur.

The apple tree is a quiet book classic. We had it in our quiet book that my mom made us when we were little.  The apples are on little snaps, and you can snap them off the tree and put them in the bucket.

The dinosaur, I'm excited to say, is entirely my own creation. I haven't seen anything out there like it. I just really wanted a dinosaur page, and this is exactly what came to mind when I imagined it.

He's so happy! So, the yellow spots and purple spines are velcroed on, which means you can take them off and rearrange them or stow them in the stealthy ground pocket.

Most everything in the book I did with a sewing machine, but I hand-sewed the dinosaur on for a couple reasons. First of all, his little hands and feet with their fingers and toes would have been nearly impossible to do satisfactorily on a sewing machine. Secondly, I made half the ground a pocket, but the other half isn't, and it would have been more complicated to machine sew him on with the pocket. So, I hand stitched him. I like the way it looks, too. :)

I really love the dinosaur. I think it might be my favorite page in the book, just because it is all my own idea and design. And I love dinosaurs. So, I guess that makes sense that I would love this guy.

So, yeah! That's the apple tree and the dinosaur.

To download the free Apple Tree Page quiet book template, click here or on one of the pictures:

To download the free Dinosaur Page quiet book template, click here or on the picture:

To download the entire Quiet Book template, click here or on the picture:

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  1. I love the dino too! Great quiet book!

  2. I totally love your quiet book pages! Awesome, clever, and great for kids.
    I am especially fond of your dinosaur, because it reminded me of the big dinosaur I painted for my daughter's fourth birthday, and the kids played pin the spines on the dinosaur. I like that you have both dots AND spines.

    1. Thank you so much! Yeah, the dinosaur's my favorite. :)

  3. How did you secure the velco to these items?

    1. Hi! I sewed the velcro on. I sewed the velcro on the dinosaur and on the white part of the page once I had sewn the dinosaur to the page. For the detachable pieces (the spikes and the circles), I sewed the velcro onto the first (single) layer of the piece before I sewed the double layer to the piece. Does that all make sense?

  4. oh and what fabric do you use as the backing for all your pages? thanks for all the tips!

  5. Replies
    1. Just the regular sew-on kind. I'm not sure what exact size; a kind of medium size. Like these ones - (I think that's the size I used, but I'm not sure.)

  6. Hi Jocelyn! I am making a quiet book for my nephew and daughter, and I am using a couple of your patterns (Thank you for sharing)! And I was wondering about durability. Is there anything you would change in hopes to make it stronger?! Is anything tearing apart?

    1. My name is Susan. It wouldn't let me sign in.


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