Saturday, January 26, 2013

December and January Recap

I have some extra pictures from December and the beginning of this month that I want to get on the blog for journal purposes. They're late, but they're fun.

In December sometime I climbed in Ellie's crib with her. She thought it was really funny. She kept climbing all over me and giggling:

We also went to King's Fish restaurant with my dad:

My friend Jaime and I threw our friend Katie's bridal shower. It was super fun, and I'm so glad that everything went well. Here's Katie looking like the Statue of Liberty (because, because.):

And then she got married a couple weeks later, on December 28. Her reception was so pretty; my same friend Jaime planned and decorated everything and it looked so good. Here are some pictures from her reception:

We also went to the Hobbit showing on December 13 (sorry, these pictures are out of order, but I don't feel like changing them). It was so fun! If you'll remember, my dad's law firm rented out a screen at a movie theater and we all got to invite a bunch of people, so I've never known so many people before at one movie. In addition to many of our friends (seen below), a lot of my cousins, some of my aunts and uncles, and even my grandparents were there! And, of course, I knew all the people from my dad's office. It was awesome! And the movie was great, too. Such a great event!

Later in December (I think the week of Christmas), Jason, Ellie, and I took a walk with Tyler and Sarah. We went pretty slow at first, because Ellie didn't want to get it her stroller. She wanted to walk down the street all by herself:

Then, in January, my stepdad Stefan came for a quick visit. He flew down to California for some business, and stayed overnight at our house and got to see Ellie. It was so great to see him!

Finally, in January, our friends Brett and Candace got married! We've known both Brett and Candace forever, and it was so exciting when they started dating and then eventually got engaged. We love them both, and are so happy for them.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Irvine Park

Hola! I hope you've been having a good week. We've been sick here, like I mentioned yesterday, but I think Ellie is finally on the mend. She's been eating today, although still only half of what she normally eats. But that's still better than yesterday!

Earlier this week we went to Irvine park with Jason's brother Michael, his wife Shelley, and their daughter Emily. It was really nice to be able to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather we were having, and fun to watch the girls play with each other.

First we went on the train that goes through the park. Here the girls are waiting in line, in their very coordinated outfits ;) : 


Ellie being silly:

The boys and their girls. :)

After the train (which both the girls enjoyed) we walked around the park and saw the horses and the ducks. At the duck pond, Ellie kept waving at the ducks and saying "Hi duckgsh!" And over at the horse corral, we spotted this amazing horse:

It's a Valentine's horse! Do you see that? She has a perfect heart on her shoulder.

After that, Ellie found a log:

And a crow:

And a big grassy field to play in:

 Good times!

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