Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Shutterfly Calendar Review

While wondering what I should get for my mom, stepdad, and little sister this last Christmas, I tried to think of what they would like and what they would actually use. I pictured their house in my head, and I could see their kitchen/dining room (where they spend a lot of time). Prominently displayed on the wall in that room is their big corkboard, where they pin announcements and cards, all centered around their calendar.

Since I love giving photo gifts, my first thought was to make them a personalized calendar. :) I saw a couple deals from MyPublisher and Shutterfly going on, and I decided to make one through Shutterfly since that's my go-to photo site. This is their calendar page: Shutterfly Calendars.

I was impressed with the software; the calendar was very easy to put together. It was easy to figure out how to do everything I wanted, and it didn't take very long once I had chosen the pictures I wanted. I chose the Shutterfly theme "Happy Days."

Here's the cover and all the pages:

Here's the photo quality of the cover:

And here are some of the inside pages. I love that you can put any text on any day, and add photos:

I also like the cute graphics:

The calendar is spiral-bound. The binding seems really good and sturdy:

So that's my first Shutterfly Calendar! It was fun, easy, and I like the finished result. And (most importantly) it was a hit with my family! :)

To check out Shutterfly's calendar selection, click here.

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  1. My mother in law makes one of these for us each year- I love them! :)

    1. Yeah, they are so fun! I'm so glad to have discovered them!

  2. Too cute!! I did these for family members for Christmas! Your baby is adorable! Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier!!

    Jenna @

  3. I made one of these for my Mother-in-Law last Christmas and I agree with you, the quality was excellent. I hope she liked it because she's getting another one this year!


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