About Us

Hi! My name is Jocelyn. I grew up in Orange County, California. I spent my early childhood years in Los Alamitos, and my years since the end of elementary school in the famous city of Yorba Linda. (Just kidding. It's not famous.) I attended Esperanza High School in Anaheim. After high school I went to Brigham Young University in Utah, where I minored in Family Life and majored in Integrative Biology (a combination of botany and zoology). I'm a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I love plants, animals, books, physics, astronomy, clouds, and making things.

My husband Jason also grew up in Orange County (in Anaheim) and attended Esperanza High School. After high school, he started his education at Brigham Young University. When he turned nineteen, he went on a mission for our church to St. Petersburg, Russia. After working hard for two years, he returned home and finished his education at BYU in Clinical Laboratory Science. He certified as a MLS (ASCP) and worked at a hospital in Orange County for a couple years, before attending and completing the Masters of Physician Assistant Practice program at Campbell University in North Carolina. He is currently working as a physician assistant. Jason is great at art and loves cooking, building stuff, and our daughters Ellie, Zelda, Susanna, and Jill.

As you might have guessed, Jason and I met in high school. We became best friends during that time and had major crushes on each other. After Jason returned from his mission, we (finally, officially) dated, got engaged, and married each other on April 23, 2010. In our faith, we believe that families can be together forever. Because Jason and I were sealed together in the temple, we will still be together after we die. We will still be with all of our family.

Our daughter Ellie was born December 2011, and our second daughter, Zelda, was born November 2013. Susanna, our third daughter, joined us in June 2016, and Jill, our fourth, was born in April 2019. All of them are just amazing and we love them so much.

And that's who we are!