Monday, August 13, 2018

August 13, 2018 at 01:01AM

Highlights from today: 🐙 After we got off Navi River Journey (which is comprised of imaginary glow-in-the-dark creatures, notably including some that look like jellyfish), Susie told me: “Amazing jellyfish. Amazing.” And then a few minutes later: “Amazing jellyfish. Amazing EVER!” 🐆 The girl cousins all wore matching red leopard dresses. They were adorable. 🐘 Six or seven hours into our day (with the kids playing together the whole time), Saya looked over at Zelda and said, “Hey, we’re wearing the same dress!” 🐅 The guys all wore matching hats and safari shorts. They looked awesome. People were close to asking them for directions. 🐉 For Ellie: going on the Avatar fly-a-dragon ride twice. 🦊 For Zelda: getting a little stuffed animal fox that she immediately named Kevin. 🦄 For me: Zelda referring to the our cabin as “our cab” and the Magic Kingdom as “Magic Land.” 🥘 Our lunch buffet at Tusker House. 🦖 The girls dancing with Chip and Dale in Dinoland. via Instagram

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