Monday, May 28, 2018


On the first day of May Ellie's school had their "field day." I volunteered (Jason had that day off) and was assigned to the toilet paper station. That's where each class was split into two teams, and then they had to race to see who could wrap up their group with a roll of toilet paper first. It was a fun station to be at, and I especially loved it when Ellie's class had their turn there. She told me that she loved field day.

Later in May, Ellie was pegged as one of the best readers in kindergarten and so got to compete in the "Sight Word Bee." And she won! We are so proud of her, and not surprised at all. She is so smart and such a good reader. 

Back at home, Susie wore silly glasses:

Charlie learned how to drink out of the toilet:

And one day I found the bananas like this in the kitchen: 

We went to church (and found beetles before we went):

Susie insisted on wearing her rainjacket to church this day, and wouldn't take it off even once we were there. I think she wore it the whole three hours.

For family home evening one night this month we did an obstacle course in the backyard:

Zelda had rainbow hair:

And turned into a unicorn:

We went to the Prairie Ridge Ecostation:

And the Neuse River trail by Anderson Point Park:

Ellie did homework:

And one day we hiked a trail by Crabtree Valley Mall that had a really steep hill and I think this photo pretty much sums up that whole experience:

Charlie slept on my nightstand:

And it was Mother's Day! I love my funny, smart, strong girls and I am so grateful to be their mother. I hope that I can be everything for them that they need. 

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