Saturday, March 31, 2018


Moving ahead to March (since I mostly already covered January and February). 

Charlie found lots of places to sleep. 

In the dresser:

With Ellie:

And with Zelda:

 The girls rode their bikes around the cul-de-sac:

I've started trying to take pictures of the girls each Sunday before we leave for church. It usually goes something like this:

Ellie figured out how to take weird pictures with the ipad:

And Susie decorated her face:

Daffodils grew wild in the field next to the library, and I was able to collect some for our kitchen:

Ellie and Zelda both started gymnastics at the community center (they were in different classes because of their ages).

They both really liked it, especially Ellie. Zelda liked it once she was there, but I had to drag her out of the house each time. Ellie was always excited to go. When it starts again this fall I'll certainly put Ellie in again, but I might wait until next spring to start Zelda again.

One evening Susie was reading books in our front room. When she saw me get my phone out to take a picture of her, she put her chin down and made this funny expression as she looked at the pages.

Then, smiling big, she asked to see her picture.

On a different day she spilled yogurt on the table. She decided to drink it up with a straw.

Charlie cat-napping:

These three items are things we had to pull out of Susie's nose one night:

Susie reading on a different day:

She heard a truck drive by:

Zelda with her baby:

Zelda, Charlie, and Ellie:

Waiting at the bus stop for Ellie:

Picnic dinner in the backyard:

Park day with Daddy:

On a road that we drive on occasionally, there's this giant statue of a cougar, maybe twenty feet tall.

A few weeks before Easter, our community center held an event where you could get free pictures with the Easter bunny. Ellie was excited, Zelda was excited and a little nervous, and Susie loved the Easter bunny from the moment she saw him. She ran right up and wanted to be picked up by him, which I think surprised him and his helpers; they kind of laughed.

The day before Easter, some friends in our ward (apparently they do this every year) held this really, really awesome Easter egg hunt in the woods around their house. It was all very smartly organized by age, and the girls had a super fun time.

On Easter Weekend we also got to watch and listen to General Conference. It's always a wonderful weekend, but this specific conference was remarkable and memorable for so many reasons. Our new prophet, President Nelson, was sustained in a solemn assembly, we got new apostles, the Elder's Quorum reorganization was announced, the Visiting/Home Teaching/Ministering reorganization was announced, and they announce seven new temples, including one in Russia. It was all very exciting, and it was so touching when President Nelson was sustained. I know he really is a prophet of God.

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  1. i love the picture of Charlie and Susie looking out the window.
    Your kids are getting so big...
    I love having the kids eat meals outdoors. Less mess for me to deal with ...


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