Saturday, June 30, 2018


So, June! As the summer started, I started using instagram more. So if you're friends with me there or on facebook, you've probably seen a lot of these pictures before.

On day one of summer vacation, we went to the farmers’ market. They were having a health fair and as part of that had free bounce houses, games, and an obstacle course for the kids. The girls had SO much fun. One bounce house was the normal jump/slide combo, and they spent a lot of time in there, but the other one was a sports inflatable thing I haven’t seen before. It had four sides and each one had a different activity: kicking soccer balls, throwing footballs, hitting baseballs, and dunking basketballs. The baseball side had a pyramid of air that the ball floated on (like a magic tee ball). It was cool. And the girls’ friends from church were there! We played with them and then drank some delicious lemonade from their market booth.

Susie loved the floating ball. 

Bounce house fun:

Sharing lemonade:

Before church one Sunday morning:

Susie brushing my hair:

Church on another Sunday morning:

That evening, some of our friends invited us over for fresh homemade peach ice cream. The ice cream was delicious, and it was so fun to hang out with them. We also got to play outside in their awesome backyard with their baby goats! And their chickens. And dog. And swing set. And trampoline.

Sue told me that she was in the "big swing."

On her way to find chickens:

She found them!

This chicken let Ellie pet it:

A few minutes after this, Ellie opened the door to the chicken coop and Susie crawled inside. We couldn't persuade her to crawl back out, so our friend had to crawl in there and rescue her. 

Aaand trampoline fun:

Back home, the girls found ways to entertain themselves:

Zelda drew this awesome unicorn:

(The blue things all over it are its sparkles)

Susie helped Daddy play peekaboo:

The older girls and I went to an interactive children's play, "Stone Soup," at the library:

Okay, so one evening I was folding laundry in Sue’s room when this uncanny valley version of Ellie walked in and scared the living daylights out of me. I turned around and saw her and my brain knew something was wrong but I couldn't immediately figure out what I was seeing, and actually screamed. She thought that was hilarious, and explained that she made herself into a zombie. Her outfit was complete with a word bubble that says “Brains!” and a sign on the front of her dress that says “D is for Death.”

One day when Jason was off work we took the girls to the park in the morning. Even though we were there pretty early it was already sweltering. So we played on the slides for a couple minutes, had a snack, and mostly helped the girls bike to the playground and back.

On another day Ellie dressed herself up as a unicorn (see the construction paper horn taped to her forehead? And her blanket is her tail):

And Susie cuddled in bed next to me and talked to me in two-year-old-ese:

Susie and Zelda chased each other around wearing paper bags on their heads:

And after washing this fruit and laying it on this towel to dry, I thought it just looked rather - I don't quite know what word I'm looking for here - succulent? Appetizing? Bountiful? Anyway, it looked good enough that I wanted to take a picture of it.

Okay, so after Charlie died, I wanted to cuddle cats, and as I knew it wouldn't be wise to adopt immediately, I applied to be a foster. Apparently summer is known as "kitten season" in the rescue world because of the flood of kittens in shelters, and they need places to go. So only about a week after I applied to be a foster, we had an adult female cat, plus a neutered young male cat, plus a mom cat and her five kittens in our house. 

Here are Moonlight and her kittens on the day they moved in to Ellie's closet (the kittens are only three days old here!):

This same day, Ellie made a recipe she called "Ice Cream Pudding." It was made out of Unicorn Magic ice cream, vanilla ice cream, and ... yogurt. In this video she feeds some to Susie.

Later that week Susie decorated my face with stickers:

And the kittens grew! Here they are about one week old:

This is Rose, the adult female that stayed with us. She was nice enough, affectionate and very stereo-typically cat in her behaviors:

Moonlight with her babies, about a week old:

And park day with Daddy at the end of the month:

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