Sunday, April 29, 2018

Grandpa's April Trip

We are lucky enough to have had TWO grandparents visit us in April - Jason's mom during the first week, and my dad the week after that.

We had so much fun with Grandpa (or "Baboo," as Susie calls him) while he was here.

We watched Ellie in her school's book character parade:

Ellie! She was Gerald from the "Elephant and Piggie" books. This is actually the same elephant costume she wore for her first Halloween; I cut open the bottom and sewed the edges closed for her to wear it like a sweatshirt for this parade.

We also went to the park with Grandpa:


This is a big spinny wheel that works best when you walk on it (like Ellie's doing in the picture below).

But most of the time, the girls want to sit or lie down on it, and the momentum is seriously crazy and you feel like you're going to fly off:

Playing with sand:

Being a mouse:

Teasing Baboo:

Ellie made a "soup" out of sand and rocks and sticks, and asked us to try it.

We pretended to.

Making more soup:

Hanging out with Grandpa:

The next morning, Susie came downstairs and just wanted to cuddle with Baboo:

We went to another park:

And the kids museum! In these next couple pics, Susie was aware that I was taking pictures of her and was super conscious of the camera.

Then playing with water:

Splashing it out of the tub:

Got the Smith concentration tongue out here:

We miss Grandpa and are SO excited to see him in a couple weeks!

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