Saturday, June 9, 2018

End of Kindergarten

In the first couple weeks of June Ellie finished kindergarten.

She is an amazing kid. She is so smart and loves learning. She loved kindergarten, both in Texas and here in North Carolina. She made so many friends and would come home every day and tell me something she thought was funny from that day at school. She loved her teachers, Mrs. Hernandez (in Texas) and Mrs. Strickland (in North Carolina).

Her class had an end-of-year party the last week of school. Jason had work off that day, so we were all able to go. All the kids in her class got awards that were actually awarded to them by the other kids in the class (rather than the teacher picking who got what). It was a pretty cool way of doing it, I thought. Ellie's classmates chose her for the "Hardest Worker Award."

After Ellie received her award from Mrs. Strickland (in the yellow shirt below) and sat back down, Susie ran over to her. Ellie gave her the sweetest hug, and talked with her quietly about the things Susie was pointing out to her.

A bit later, Ellie was able to come join us in the corner we were sitting.

We happened to be right next to the classroom sink, which Susie and Zelda found greatly entertaining.

Ellie with some of her friends:

Daniel, the little boy on the left, was one of her best friends in her class. We found out at the party that Ellie thought Daniel was cute; when we were walking back to our car afterwards and I asked her, "So, you think Daniel's cute?" She responded, "Yeah. Just look at him!"

Susie found a reading area in Ellie's classroom that was just her size:

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