Friday, December 29, 2017

Early December

In the beginning of December we went to our church Christmas party:

Zelda was a superhero in the backyard:

Where'd Susie go?

We went shopping for Christmas presents and Susie decorated herself:

It snowed! We built this snowman before Ellie went to school:

And then Ellie's teacher sent these pictures of their class on the playground (Ellie's in the pink jacket in the middle):

Zelda practiced taking pictures with the camera:

Jason made a tie-dye cake:

It got hot enough to play outside in swimsuits:

Charlie cuddled:

I woke up from a nap with this right in front of me:

Ellie turned six! And had a unicorn birthday party and designed this cake that Jason made for her:

We read books:

And played in the rain:

And in the toy chest:

Ellie's kindergarten class had their Christmas party, and Zelda, Susie, and I got to go:

We decorated cookies and made gingerbread houses with the missionaries:

And Zelda covered her face in turtle stickers:

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