Tuesday, November 28, 2017


For Thanksgiving we went to Jason's sister Tiffany's house for dinner and for a sleepover. It was super fun. Good food, wonderful family time. Our girls love their cousins so much, and it's sad how far we live from them now. Our girls ask about their "crazy cousins" (their affectionate nickname for them) all the time.

Getting ready for bed after a yummy Thanksgiving dinner:

Everyone playing outside in the backyard the next morning:

Susie found the dress-up closet and decked herself out:

Their garden (with some more pots down on the ground around it):




Their beautiful young dog Rascal:

Brynn and Susie :

Tiffany and Skylar:

Malibu, their old girl:

Rascal playing:

Girls playing:

We love you and miss you very, very much Tiffany and Jarom and Aubrey and Mikayla and Skylar and Brynn!!!

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