Tuesday, May 15, 2018

October Miscellaneous

Okay, here are the pictures from October that don't fit into any one category.

Zelda and Susie looking out their window:

A giant sloth mask Zelda found at Walmart:

Zelda at church:

Playing with the cousins later that same day:

One morning before school:

Decorating cupcakes with the cousins:

Hugging a dolly and being cute:

Playing outside:

See how much he still looks like a kitten here?

Ellie put this sign on the wall one day. It says "book hospatoll" and underneath it she stacked all the books that had rips or tears.

At the end of the month we wanted to eat cake, so we made a "practice cake" for Zelda's upcoming birthday (which is in the beginning of November). Ellie and Zelda decorated it, and we all liked having cake, because who doesn't like having cake?

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