Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Last September

I'm not sure it's a wise decision, but I am going to try to catch up on all the lasts months on the blog. I was last up to date right before we went to Disneyworld...last September. Well, I finally got all the Disneyworld posts up this week, so time to do everything else!

Here are pictures from home and around town last September. In general, it was an eventful month. We had Hurricane Harvey cleanup, Disneyworld and Hurricane Irma, and a visit from Jason's parents the weekend our niece Mikayla had her birthday and baptism.

Ellie's school schedule was crazy that month. She started school in the middle of August, they had like one week of school (including the day the solar eclipse happened), and then Hurricane Harvey hit. School was cancelled during the hurricane, which lasted like a full week, and then school was cancelled the week and a half after the hurricane, because of how badly the area had been affected. The day school went back into session was the day we left for Disneyworld, and we were gone for a week and a half. So by the time we got back, Ellie had been to like one week of kindergarten and then had had like a three and a half week break before going back to kindergarten. It was kind of crazy.

Playing at the park with Jason:

On the way home from one of our Hurricane Harvey muck-outs, I was stopped at a red light when I noticed this little guy crawling on my dashboard. Isn't he awesome? He was like a shiny, gold ladybug. After some googling, I'm pretty sure that he was a mottled tortoise beetle. Before the red light ended, I rolled down my window and let him fly away.

While at Walmart one time, I told the girls that I needed to get duct tape. They thought I said "duck tape." And lo and behold, when we got to the section, they told me "there's the duck tape!" and there was indeed, duck tape! Also gorilla tape, frog tape, and T-Rex tape.

I have no idea why Zelda is posing like this.

My chubby baby:

Zelda selfie:

A common scene when we go to Michaels. The girls like to pull a bunch of the animal figurines out and have battles with them:

While they were playing, I organized these shelves. A manager came by and offered me a job. She was serious.

Susie's first time at the big table. She wanted to sit there with her sisters instead of sitting in the high chair:

Daddy trying his best to take a nap:

One day when we got to preschool, we found that one of Zelda's friends was wearing the exact same outfit! We didn't plan it, and the clothes weren't new. We all thought it was pretty awesome.

In September our niece Mikayla turned 8, chose to be baptized (yay, Mikayla!), and had her kitty and doggy-themed birthday party. Nana and Papa (Jason's parents) flew out for the weekend, and it was all awesome.

Mikayla and Skylar:

Mikayla painted Aubrey's face. This was Aubrey's expression when she saw what her face painting looked like:

Mikayla didn't see the problem.

Ellie waiting for her turn:

Ellie getting painted into a doggy:

Trying to steal Papa's glasses:

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