Saturday, May 12, 2018

Froberg's Pumpkin Patch

I have to admit that last fall in Texas I dearly missed our North Carolinan pumpkin patch. We were able, though, to go to a "pumpkin patch" that was pretty darn fun. It was the same place we'd been strawberry picking that spring. It didn't have a true pumpkin patch (we got our pumpkins from inside its indoor fruit and vegetable shop), but it had a corn maze and lots of fun activities.

How it worked was that you bough a bunch of tickets, and then each attraction cost a certain number of tickets. It was priced fairly, and the kids got to do all the different things.

Ellie bounced around on these weird horses:

And all the girls did duck races (and got to keep their duckies!):

Ellie got to shoot this big, loud bean bag launcher thingy:

And we all did the corn maze. Ellie led us through the corn maze, choosing each turn, and actually led us right through! Talking to someone who worked at the fair, they said it was supposed to be even bigger (like, three or four acres bigger), but Hurricane Harvey had washed out the whole back section.

Proof that I was there:

Ellie and Zelda also rode a bumblebee barrel train:

And then we took a hay ride over to the penny mountain. (I can't remember what it was actually called, but it was this huge hill of sand that had pennies and cheap little plastic rings hidden inside that the kids could dig for.)

Suzie found a tunnel:

We rode back to the main area and Ellie got her face painted:

After a few more activities (like the candy cannon and corn hole) we went inside and the girls chose their pumpkins. Ellie chose this beaut:

And Zelda found this little guy:

It was a fun day!

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