Tuesday, May 1, 2018


Epcot! Epcot. Epcot...

Epcot was...fun. Really. But it was also sort of boring. Also a lot of walking in a big giant circle.

But still fun, especially the parts at the beginning (the Nemo Ride, Spaceship Earth, Etc.) We ate at a delicious restaurant called Teppan Edo, got to watch a show about American history, and got to check out the new little Anna and Elsa ride. And the kids loved Spaceship Earth; it actually cracked us up how much they liked it, because it's so boring, but we weren't complaining because we got to sit down on a long air-conditioned ride multiple times.

In the morning, getting ready by having a tea party:

This picture captures what I have a lot of memories of - driving around on buses to the different parks. I love Alyse and Jane's matching hair in this photo.

All of us!

Jane and Ellie being cute little buddies (I also Susie's photobomb in the background):

All our crazy kids:

Close to Spaceship Earth we got to go to one spot and meet Mickey, Goofy, and Minnie. I will forever be grateful to Minnie. Susie was having a meltdown in the line, just throwing a real tantrum, and Minnie came over (she didn't have anyone she was meeting right then) and gestured to Susie and played with her and Susie stopped crying. Susie was still cautious, she was like, "What the heck is that thing?" But she stopped crying. 

And then - and this is where Minnie made the biggest difference - Susie was excited to meet all the characters. Up until this point on our vacation (a couple days in), she'd been real wary of all the costumed characters. But after Minnie came over and played with her, she was excited to meet them all (for the whole rest of our trip!). She reached out to them, wanted to hug them, and kept smiling at them. And it has still continued, long after Disneyworld. The girls got free pictures with the Easter Bunny at the community center a couple weeks ago, and Susie literally ran to her and wanted to sit on her lap.

Ellie made faces like this for 95% of the pictures we took on the vacation, even if she was smiling right before or after. 
Sydney, Alyse, Ezra, my Dad, and Jane
Grandpa, Banks, Max, Saya, and Nan

Susie was soooo excited to get back over to Minnie.

Reaching for Minnie:

Trying to get her attention: 

Also, Ellie's expression - like I said, 95% of the pictures 😂

Banks, Alyse, Dad, and me:

Eating at Teppan Edo with my hilarious sisters:

It was one of those places that made your food right in front of you, which was cool. I also felt sort of bad for them before our meal, because we had notified them that I was allergic to soy and the manager had to come out and fill out a list, checking off literally everything in my meal with me, making sure that I could eat it. It was actually pretty funny. Just - I'm sure they were like, "Soy? You're allergic to soy? And you're eating at a Japanese restaurant?" But it was oishii! 

After we walked around the giant circle some more and watched "The American Adventure" in, I don't know, Americaland, we bought some candy apples (I think in Germany?) and all shared them together while taking a break in the shade.

Princess Saya at the wishing well:

Then we made it to, um, Arendell? (probably Norway) and got to meet Anna and Elsa and go on the Frozen ride.

Both Elsa and Anna were great with the kids.

Anna asked them if they were all cousins. Ezra replied sincerely, "I'm a cousin and a friend." A minute later he also told her, bursting with energy, "I need to tell you something! This is my little sister," and pointed out Jane.

After meeting Elsa and Anna we walked through Mexico, and the kids insisted on going on the "Three Cabelleros" ride (imagine Small World with Donald Duck instead of cute figurines and with more TV screens) literally five or six times. They loved it, and thought it was just awesome, and kept trying to get us to agree with them that it was simply magical. 😂

Connected to the Nemo ride is this big, real aquarium that's really cool. In one room they've got a play area where kids can pop their heads out of Bruce's mouth.

One ride that we didn't have the chance to go on at Epcot that I want to go on in the future is "Soaring Over the World" - like Soaring Over California (one of my favorite rides ever), but the world!

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