Thursday, February 1, 2018

We made it

Last year I wasn't really good at keeping up with the blog and this year I want to be better. The thing that often prevents me from posting is pictures (the most recent ones aren't uploaded to the computer), so I'm going to go ahead and start doing posts without pictures so that I can at least write down what we're doing. I'll still post photos when I can, but this way I'll be able to post more.

We're here in North Carolina. We arrived just over one week ago on January 24, and spent the first night in our house on the 25th. We live on a funnily-named street in a funnily-named town, and updating our address over the phone with utility companies and schools and everything has required quite a lot of spelling-out and explaining to make sure they get it right. But we like both the neighborhood and the town, so it's worth it.

The house that we're renting is nice; Ellie and Zelda are incredibly excited that it has stairs and a second story. To them, we have very definitely moved up in world. I personally prefer living in single-story houses, but I guess the exercise will be good for my legs. The laundry room is upstairs with the bedrooms, so that's awesome.

Our cat Charlie didn't like the three-day drive here (the third day, he meowed pretty much non-stop until we got here), but he actually really likes our new house. Most of the house is carpeted, which he seems to prefer, and he's been exploring just everything since we arrived. He loves the sliding glass windows of the back door. He goes there several times a day and sits looking out at the backyard.

Ellie had her first day at her new school on Tuesday. She likes her teacher and her class, and I like the school in general. It seems like a great little school.

Sorry that this update is so choppy-sounding, but I just wanted to let you all know that we made it here safe and sound, and are settling in well!

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