Saturday, December 30, 2017

California Christmas

A few days before Christmas, we loaded up on an airplane and flew to California.

Ellie liked this wall in the airport:

Susie took a nap while we were flying:

The Thomas grandkids all got their matching pajamas on Christmas Eve:

We played at Great-Grandma and Grandpa Smith's house on Christmas:

I like this photo because Jason sorta looks like a crazy person:

(Sorry Jason. It just makes me giggle.)

Susie and I played with Grandpa's Christmas tree lights:

And we visited Grandpa in his office a few days after Christmas:

I feel like, with her deliberate foot placement, Susie's claiming his desk for her own:

Max and the girls liked the view:

And Zelda jumped right into work:

We had lunch with Grandpa and the cousins at Souplantation:

And went to Chuck E Cheese's with them the next day:

We went to Great-Grandma and Grandpa Smith's house to make clay figurines with Great-Grandma:

Ellie has a Klutz book about modeling clay and had been asking for months to make some of the figurines in the book; I told her that Great-Grandma Smith was really good at everything like that and that she had helped me do modeling clay when I was a kid, and so Ellie wanted to make it with Great-Grandma. I loved hanging out with my grandparents and watching Ellie do something with my grandma that I remember doing with her as a kid.

We participated in the "First Annual Thomas Family Games" a few days later. Jason's dad James had his birthday earlier in the month, and Jason's siblings put together this really fun way to surprise James and celebrate. We met at a park and did all sort of minute-to-win-it type games. Everyone had loads of fun!

Emily and Ellie:

The girls' cousin Emily:

The girls' cousins James (named after Jason's dad) and Everett:

Uncle Jarom with Susie:

Susie and James:

Relay races:

Watching Uncle Tyler eat a cookie on his face without using his hands:

All of the cousins eating cookies on their faces without using their hands:

Three-legged races:

Showing off their medals:

The uncles and Papa racing:

The next day we went to Irvine Park. We started at the zoo, then had a picnic and played on the playground, then went down by the train and did pony rides. Something that was really fun was that we had people from both sides of our families - at the zoo we had Tiffany (Jason's sister) and her family and Banks (my brother) and his family all together. It was awesome. After the picnic they all left and we did the pony rides with Tyler (one of Jason's brothers) and his family.

Banks and Zelda:

Max petting an opossum:

Brynn getting sunscreen on her ticklish neck:

Ellie and the goats:

Saya, Skylar, Max, Ellie, Mikayla, Brynn, and Aubrey:

Petting some kind of lizard:

Zelda found a tree. A big tree.

Zelda and Everett:

Okay, this photo is way overexposed, but I like it because Zelda looks like she's in one of those old-timey photos:

Ponies! Both Ellie and Zelda were old enough to ride the trotting ponies this time.

Tyler and Everett:

We took big Thomas Family pictures with Jason's parents, all their kids, and grandkids:

Tyler and Sarah's family:

Michael and Shelley's family:

Tiffany and Jarom's family: