Monday, October 30, 2017

October Miscellaneous

Okay, here are the pictures from October that don't fit into any one category.

Zelda and Susie looking out their window:

A giant sloth mask Zelda found at Walmart:

Zelda at church:

Playing with the cousins later that same day:

One morning before school:

Decorating cupcakes with the cousins:

Hugging a dolly and being cute:

Playing outside:

See how much he still looks like a kitten here?

Ellie put this sign on the wall one day. It says "book hospatoll" and underneath it she stacked all the books that had rips or tears.

At the end of the month we wanted to eat cake, so we made a "practice cake" for Zelda's upcoming birthday (which is in the beginning of November). Ellie and Zelda decorated it, and we all liked having cake, because who doesn't like having cake?

Monday, October 23, 2017


October was the month that Charlie joined our family. After Hurricane Harvey flooded Houston with water, the animal shelters were flooded with animals that were either lost or abandoned during the hurricane. Pets that had been found in the weeks following the hurricane had a month-long "hold" put on them to give their families a chance to find them, but pets that had been surrendered or found prior to the hurricane had no such hold, and animal shelters were begging people to adopt to clear out space.

Over the course of several weeks, I took Zelda and Susie and we checked out every major shelter in the Houston area. We saw hundreds and hundreds of animals. I was going with dogs in mind, but we also kept our eyes open for friendly cats as well.

After three or four weeks of visiting various shelters, we ended up at a pretty small one just one town over from us. We weren't able to see the dogs because they had kennel cough, so we spent all of our time looking at the cats, and one really stuck out to us. He was a small white and tan one named "Bronx" who was great with the girls. Other cats at different shelters had shown interest in us when we were outside their cages, but once we got them into the visiting room they either ignored us, were afraid of us, or disliked the girls picking them up. Bronx wasn't like that at all - when we were playing with him he wanted to play with us, he wasn't afraid, and he didn't mind (at all!) the girls picking him up or carrying him around. He was just awesome.

Since I'd been on the dog train of mind, we didn't do anything about him that day other than play with him. But I found myself thinking about him every day and worrying that someone else was going to adopt him. So we went back later that week.

And we adopted him. 💜

He needed to get his shots and to be neutered, so he stayed at the shelter for a couple more days and we got everything ready at home.

Since we knew we were going to be moving in just a couple months, one of the things I ordered was  a crate for him to travel in. And before we moved, it could be his sort of "bedroom." Zelda and Susie thought it was a great place to play:         

And then we got to bring him home! It took us a couple days for us to figure out his name, but we settled on Charlie, and it fits him perfectly. (Jokingly, Jason and I sometimes call him Charles, and months after we got him Ellie declared that his middle name was Robert, so his full name is Charles Robert Thomas.)

When we got him they told us that he was ten months to one year old, and looking back I can see that he definitely had more of a kitten-ish look about him than he does now. So I'd guess that he was closer to ten months at them time.

Cuddling with Zelda:

Trying to get her toast:

A princess and her kitty:

Sunday, October 22, 2017

October Zoo Trip

In October we took a trip to the zoo with several of our friends from church. It was really fun; the girls were excited to have some of their friends there with us.

As soon as we walked in they wanted to take silly pictures with the rhino statue:

We went inside the "natural encounters" building and Susie saw a catfish as big as herself:

And Ellie crawled through a piranha tunnel:

We swung around by the elephants next and got to see them taking their morning showers. Ellie found these ears and made a trunk with her arm:

From there we went up to "Africa." Ellie has an African Painted Dog stuffed animal that she got from Disneyworld (she named it "Paintfor" and it's a girl) and she brought it to the zoo. She wanted to take a picture with Paintfor next to the African Painted Dog sign.

From there we stopped at the play area in "Africa" and had even more friends join up with us. Then we saw the gorilla exhibit (complete with statues of giant millipedes):

And then saw the chimps, zebras, and giraffes. We were kind of tired by then, so we called it a day and made our way back to the front of the zoo. Before we left, Ellie and Zelda wanted to take a picture with the seal statue. These girls seriously crack me up:

Ellie learned how to make a heart with her hands (maybe at school?) and wanted to make it here: