Friday, September 1, 2017


Since we moved to Texas, it's been fun to find new kinds of animals in our yard. In North Carolina, we had green anoles, various kinds of snakes, a few turtles, and occasional frogs. In Texas, we have geckos and gulf coast toads.

This little guy is one we found in our yard a couple weeks ago:

You can tell he's a male because he's got a yellow patch under his throat. Zelda went inside and got our toad, Yoyo, to introduce to our new friend, Chirpy (which is what the girls named him).

We've had Yoyo since the middle of June. Ellie found him (we keep calling Yoyo "him," but it's really a girl) a few days before Animal Camp, and we kept him to show to the kids on amphibian day. After we'd had him for just a few days, we decided to keep him permanently. He's a great pet - super low maintenance, easy for the girls to take care of and handle.

And after a few minutes, we let Chirpy go and he hopped away, and Yoyo went back into his (her) aquarium in the playroom).

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