Saturday, September 2, 2017

Ellie starts Kindergarten

Guys. Ellie started kindergarten a few weeks ago.

Look at this girl! She is so big and old and I can't handle it.

 As I was buying her school supplies at the end of July, I was definitely dealing with all those emotions that they talk about moms having when their oldest kid starts school. I was really pretty sad, and I almost felt like Ellie's childhood was over. (Which I know is silly - she's five for crying out loud! But that irrational feeling was making me sad.) Luckily I was able to work through those emotions in the weeks before she started school, and actually got really excited for her. She's smart and social and curious, and I think school is going to be really fun for her.

(Susie wanted to take a picture like Ellie.) 

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