Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Sue's Birthday

On June 16, Susanna turned one year old! We all love her more than we can say and can't believe how big she's getting.

Ellie and Zelda decorated a cake for her:

Which she was then excited to get to:

But hesitant about eating:

A few days later, her cousins came to our house to celebrate, too. Jason made her a little personal cake:

Which she was still very hesitant about:

Very, very hesitant: 

While Suzy was trying to figure out how to eat her cake, all of the rest of the girls ran outside to play.

Meanwhile, inside, Suzy's uncle Jarom was trying to show her how to eat cake. He bowed/lowered his head a few times, trying to encourage her to just eat the cake with her mouth. She thought he was funny to watch:

And then tried copying him:

Happy birthday, Suzy!

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