Wednesday, August 30, 2017

July Birthdays

During the month of July we got to celebrate three birthdays. First, our niece Skylar turned six years old. The girls got to go to her birthday party and were so excited.

Next, Jason had his birthday and turned twenty-nine. His sister Tiffany invited him over for a birthday dinner, and when we got to her house there was a big surprise.

When we walked in, we were immediately met by the whole family standing around a table with a sword resting on a pillow. Our nieces were all dressed up like royalty, and Tiffany read Jason the Knight Code of Chivalry, which he agreed to uphold.

Then Aubrey tapped him on each shoulder with the sword, and Jason is now an official, real Knight of the Sovereign Military of Sealand. 

Our third birthday of the month was our niece Aubrey:

She turned ten, if you can believe it. (Which you probably can, but we can't!) She had a pool party that the girls went to and had tons of fun.

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