Monday, June 26, 2017


Our Easter this year was filled with family, eggs, and unsuccessful photo attempts.

On the Saturday before Easter, we got to go to an Easter egg hunt at our church. All of our girls had a blast, even Susie. She was very proud of the two eggs that she picked up.


When the girls woke up in the morning the Easter Bunny had hidden eggs around the house for them to find. Ellie and Zelda helped each other find their eggs (they each have a specific color to find) and helped Susie find hers once she woke up.

The Easter Bunny also scattered some eggs on the back lawn this year. Instead of candy inside, these eggs had confetti, and Ellie and Zelda had fun smashing them on the back patio like little confetti bombs.

After we got ready for church, we tried to take some cute pictures of the girls in their Easter dresses. They...did not cooperate. Well, Susie did. And Ellie. Sort of.

We then went to church, which is really the most important part of the whole day, and they perked up quite a bit.

I actually *just* watched this Easter video our church put out this year, and I love it. Jesus Christ does bring me hope, and peace, and courage.

After church we drove to and had dinner at Tiffany's house. It was a great night. After dinner the girls kept requesting songs from the family's "Alexa" thingy, and all danced to them together. My favorite dance of the night was their rendition of "We Are the Dinosaurs."


  1. We also have an Alexa and "we are the dinosaurs" is a favorite for sure!!


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