Monday, June 26, 2017

April zoo visit with family

As part of Nana's April visit to Texas, we went to the zoo with her, Tiffany, and Brynn. The weather was great and it was really fun.

Ellie was being really funny in front of the camera all day; she was hamming it up and making me laugh. I love this goofball.

At the mongoose exhibit they have these cool tubes that kids can crawl through to be right in the middle of the habitat. Ellie and Zelda always love going into them, and today, since I had other grown ups with me (it's usually just me and the girls), I actually got to be on the front side of the exhibit and see them pop up! They were all so cute. And the mongooses (mongooses? mongeese) (google tells me it's mongooses) got so close to them! I didn't even realize.

Sweetie pies.

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