Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The Teddy Bear Clinic

At the beginning of March the hospital that Jason had his rotation at (Texas Children's West Campus) had their annual Teddy Bear Clinic.

It was put on by the hospital's child life specialists, and it was such a cool event. Each children received their own teddy bear (to keep!), and they took them around to a bunch of different tables where the child life specialists and other hospital staff showed the children what sort of things their teddy bear would experience during a stay at the hospital. It was to familiarize the children with hospital procedures so that if they are ever admitted to the hospital it will hopefully be less scary.

Ellie didn't want to participate at first, but when she saw that Zelda was getting prizes for going to each table she decided she wanted in on that, and pretty soon she began to have a lot of fun.

Here you can see that Zelda's teddy bear has been through all sorts of procedures - he's got a hair net, eye patch, face mask, a leg cast, and more.

As we were leaving, walking down the flower-lined path back to our car, Ellie said from being us, "I'm finding roly polies!" We turned around to see that she had found a lot!

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