Tuesday, May 2, 2017


Our Pi Day/Saint Patricks Day week was really fun. Both are some of my favorite holidays, and Saint Patricks Day is Ellie's favorite holiday other than Christmas. She was so excited that it was coming up; she was counting down the days until it got here.

She was pretty excited about "Math Day" too and wanted to do math worksheets. She asked me to search for some online, excitedly picked them out, insisted I print them right then, and then cleaned off the table to do them. (And then said to me, "This is going to be a good end to math day. Because after dinner we are going to eat some pie, right?")

A couple days later playing out in the yard. Ellie was using the pink bucket to water various plants around the yard she thought needed some help. 

We looked for four-leaf clovers in our little clover patch, and together we found five! (One more after I took this picture.)

Here Zelda is telling me to come over to her because she needs to fix my camera with her screwdriver:

On St. Patrick's Day all the food in our house magically turned green. (A big part of the reason it's one of Ellie's favorite holidays.) For dinner the girls had green mac and cheese, green grapes, and green milk: 

And Zelda played outside a bit more. :)

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