Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Houston Zoo in March

On a day in the first week of March the girls and I took another visit to Houston Zoo. We again saw areas of the zoo that we hadn't before - we especially liked the "natural encounters" building. They had a giant catfish swimming around that was almost as big as Zelda (here Ellie is pointing it out):

They also had rock tunnels that kids could crawl into to look through hidden little windows into animal exhibits, and a see-through plastic tunnel that went all the way through the piranha tank. Ellie loved that tunnel, going through it again and again.

I liked every exhibit in that building - the tamarins, the armadillo and chipmunks, the prevost squirrels, the naked mole rat tunnels, and the aquariums. Just a really cool building!

From there we went to the reptile house, which was also really cool. Most reptile buildings have one shape and size of tank for their animals (the same size  of rectangular tank lining the walls), so I really liked how in this building the tanks were all different sizes all over the walls and how some stretched out vertically. Plus the giant tank in the center of the building (I think it was for some giant python - I can't remember) that could be seen from both sides was really cool.

A field trip group was inside the reptile house while we were there, so it was super loud and pretty crowded. I think we'll try going again another time when less people are inside.

We swung around the back of the zoo to see all the African animals. It was a lot of walking! My feet were really tired by the end.

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