Thursday, March 30, 2017


February is when Jason's fellowship started in earnest (he was past the orientation and in his actual rotations), and I'm gonna admit, it was a bit of a shock to the system when he started working 60-hour weeks.

That very first Monday when he was gone all day, the girls and I spent the whole day at home, and it was not so great. The first half of the day was okay, but the second half can be described as
"excessive kid energy coming out in negative ways." That day taught me that to get through this year, the girls and I need to get out of the house every single day.

Since then, every day we've gone to either the gym, library, zoo, preschool, or park. The only times we haven't were when our car was in the shop (power steering pump problem) or when one of the girls has been sick (Susie got a little cold a couple weeks ago). Going out makes life so much better.

Yes, it is hard to take the three girls all those places by myself, but it is so worth it. The effort to get them out of the house and burn of some of their energy pays off in the afternoon/evening when we're back at home.

Anyway, pictures! Here's everything from February that didn't fit into one of the other blog posts.

(Um, there's kind of a million Susie pictures...because she's adorable and I can't help it.)

(Sorry about the framing on these next couple - I was looking at (and talking to) Susie and not through the camera! But I can't resist putting them in here because she's just so darn cute.)

Ellie was really into making "collages" in February. Which would consist of her finding a magazine, asking us like ten times if we didn't need it anymore and if she could cut it up, and then cutting out words and gluing them to papers ransom-note style. She called the finished products her "newspapers," "magazines," or "collages."

Here the girls are doing the craft at the library storytime we go to every week. This was the storytime before Valentine's Day, and they made butterflies out of heart shapes:

Ellie's chalk "house."

Ellie took this next one:

Zelda before church one Sunday:


Zelda wanted a picture too.

Our friend tipped us off that a new car wash was offering free washes, so we took advantage of that. The girls (especially Ellie) thought it was *so funny.*

On the way to the park one day, Zelda found a cool black ladybug with one red spot on each side. From some googling after she found it, I found this article about all kinds of ladybugs: Ladybug Identification. I had no idea there were so many specific kinds of ladybugs! This one is a "Twice-stabbed Ladybird Beetle."

And I have to mention: Our backyard is a really good one for looking at the sky. Being in a "coastal plains" area, we get a lot of clouds going by, and our backyard is a really good spot to watch them from. We get to see some pretty great sunsets. :)

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  1. That sunset picture makes me homesick! We get nothing like that here! And your girls are so so so cute!!


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