Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Brazos Bend State Park

When my sister Alyse and her family were still here in Texas last month, we drove down with them one Saturday afternoon to Brazos Bend State Park. It's the closest state park to us - only about 40 miles south of downtown Houston. It was such a cool place!

We started by going to the nature center. I loved it - the staff was super friendly and it was full of cool nature things. (Have I ever mentioned on here that I'd love to work at a nature center? Jason knows its one of my dreams.) This old man was telling us all about different snakes from the area, and he pulled out a  real baby alligator for the kids to touch. One of Ellie, Zelda, and Ezra's favorite things at the nature center was this glass case with an alligator skull and a crocodile skull inside. When the kids pushed buttons on the front of the display, the jaws would open up. They thought that was really cool.

From there we went to biggest lake at the park and took a long walk around the whole thing. It was dusk, which was a beautiful time to be out and also a good time to look for alligators.

Watching for alligators...

And we found one! Swimming around, back and forth.

As we walked around the lake, we actually saw lots of alligators, sitting on the banks of the little islands in the middle.

In case you need help seeing it...

Brazos Bend was a beautiful place and it was really cool to explore a new type of environment!

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