Sunday, January 22, 2017

Captain's Log, Week 352 - Settling in

This has been a good week of getting even more comfortable in Texas. Jason started his orientation at the hospital, and the girls and I have been exploring the local libraries, going to the gym, and playing with cousins.

Last Friday Alyse brought Jane and Ezra over to our house, and they all stayed for a couple days. (Tanner had interviews in Dallas, so he wasn't home.) It was super fun! The kids all loved playing together and getting to have sleepovers.

Friday at the grocery store:

Saturday at the park:

Eating out later that afternoon:

Playing in the backyard:

They went home on Sunday morning before church, but came back again on Tuesday and then again yesterday (with Tanner this time, for a game night!) for another sleepover. It's been so fun seeing them so much and we're going to be really sad when they go home to Utah this week.

Other things we did this week: went to the gym a couple times. I'll be honest, I liked our gym in North Carolina better, but this one'll do while we're here.

We also went to library storytime at two different libraries. The first library is closer to us, and we went to their storytime on Tuesday. It was packed. I did a headcount, and there were about eighty people there (adults and children) for storytime. It was a bit overwhelming for the girls; it was hard for them to hear the stories and see the pictures, and they were hesitant to dance to the songs. Craft time after the story was nice; we all went into a different room where they had several tables set up and the girls made rainbows out of construction paper and paper plates. But, overall, the storytime was kind of just too crowded.

So, the next day, we drove about fifteen minutes south to go to a different, much smaller branch of the library for their storytime. It was so much better. Including the girls, there was a total of less than ten kids, and like five adults. We were able to easily hear the books and see the pictures, the girls were much more enthusiastic about dancing to the songs and participating, and the craft was fun. I'm so glad that we found a calmer, more intimate storytime for them to go to. We'll still use the close library for getting books and using the kids computers and stuff, but we'll head to the farther one for storytime.

Playing at home:

(Ellie was singing her own alphabet song she was making up:)

Zelda's mustache:

Ellie wanting to get in on the "coloring our faces with markers" action:

And showing me that there was some marker on her thumb, too:

We're still doing the finishing touches around our house, so I don't quite feel like we're officially moved in all the way yet. We're super super close; we just have a couple frames to put up on the walls in various rooms. I got our photo wall up in our kitchen/dining area; I'll have to take a picture of that next week to show you.


In these next couple pictures, Zelda (like a monkey) is grooming the back of Susie's head and picking off some little sticky bits she'd gotten on her hair.

I hope you had a good week too!

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