Monday, October 31, 2016

One Dinosaur and One Dalmatian

This year for Halloween Ellie is a brown dinosaur and Zelda is Marshall from Paw Patrol.

Ellie wanted to be dinosaur as soon as she found the foam dinosaur hat at the dollar store. After that I was going to find a brown shirt to make into a dinosaur body for her, but she was insistent that the body be made out of the same material (craft foam) as the hat. So a trip to Michael's and a couple hours of hot gluing later, Ellie had her dinosaur body.

Zelda was going to be a dinosaur too (a green one, because Ellie told her that's what she was going to be, and she was fine with that), until we were at the store and she spotted some Marshall footie pajamas. "I want to be Marshall! I want to be Marshall!" she cried. So Marshall she became. The front of the pajamas has a red fire dog vest and dalmatian spots (that look more like cow spots, to be honest), but the back was just white. So I added matching black felt spots to the back and also a doggy tail.

They are both so excited to go trick or treating tonight. They have been asking every day for a month and a half if it's Halloween yet. And it finally is! Thank goodness, haha! 

Happy Halloween!

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