Saturday, July 2, 2016

Captain's Log, Week 323 - So many baby cuddles

Susanna turned two weeks old on Thursday!

It's kind of crazy to think that we've already had her for two weeks; the time has flown by. She had her two-week pediatrician visit yesterday; she's up to 7 pounds 14 ounces. And is beautiful and perfect.

What the girls have said lately

I sat down on the couch on the side by the lamp. Zelda, who was sitting next to me on the middle cushion, pointed to her right and said, "Mommy, you need to sit by the piano."
Me: "No, I think I want to sit here by the lamp."
Zelda: "No, not by the lamp. It's really dangerous. You'll get throw ups. You need to sit by the piano."

Ellie, playing with the toy stethoscope and "listening" to her stuffed animals: "I can't hear their heart beeps."

One night last week I took some Benadryl. Zelda saw the red liquid and thought it looked yummy, apparently.
Zelda: "Mom, there's bugs in my mouth. I need medicine."
Me: "Do you mean there's germs in your mouth?"
Zelda: "Yeah, there's germs in my mouth. I need medicine."

Zelda, putting on all of the baby's new headbands: "Mom, I'm decorating me up."

My mom was at the splash pad with the girls. There's a playground right next to the splash pad, but they were there in the afternoon and the playground (which is in full sun) would have been too hot to play on. That didn't stop Zelda from asking my mom if they could go over there, though. My mom told her it was too hot. Zelda thought about this for a minute and then said, pointing at the big playground, "That playground's hot," and then, pointing to the little playground (right next to the big one, also in full sun), "but that one's only warm."

Zelda, putting on a doll straw hat, "I'm the howdy. I'm the howdy. Yee haw!"

We were driving out of our neighborhood, and I saw a guy mowing his lawn on a riding lawnmower.
Me: "Look Ellie, that man's riding a lawnmower!"
Ellie: "What did you say, Mom?"
Me: "I said that man is riding a lawnmower."
Ellie: "What the? That is not even a kind of vehicle that goes on the street."

Ellie gently put a black headband (with a little flower) on the baby's head, then turned to me and asked in a soft voice, "Does the baby look like a ninja?"

Our last two weeks

Obviously, the biggest thing that's happened for us in the last two weeks is Susanna's arrival. It has been so exciting and fun and wonderful to have her here.

My mom flew out to help us with the transition, arriving on Tuesday, June 14th. She wasted no time in having fun with the girls; on Wednesday we went to Sunni Sky's when it opened at 11 and got some ice cream. Jason was able to come join us when he got off for lunch, which was awesome! And the pediatrician's office he was working at only had like one person booked for the afternoon, so they said Jason could take the rest of the day off, which was super awesome!

Later that afternoon my mom and I took the girls to the splash pad. Zelda didn't want to get very wet and so hung out right by me and my mom the whole time, but Ellie ran around everywhere and through all of the different fountains. Ellie loves the splash pad. 

My mom took the photo below; you can see exactly how pregnant I looked at the end of this pregnancy, since this was the day before I had Susie!

She was born the next morning on Thursday, June 16th. Here's Jason and Susie just a few minutes after she was born:

My mom and the girls came to visit us that day in the hospital.

I had to stick around in the hospital until Saturday (we needed to wait on a blood culture for Susanna, since I needed to receive antibiotics during labor but labor was so fast I didn't get enough of them), so Susie and I watched a lot of HGTV when it was just us hanging out on Thursday and Friday nights.

On Saturday morning we were finally able to go home. And since Jason was with driving and I had my big camera with me, we were able to pull over a couple times and I was able to take pictures of some of the cool things on the drive home from the hospital. 

From when we brought Susie home until today, our last two weeks have been filled with baby cuddles, bottle feeding, diaper changing, playing with Grandma, and more baby cuddles.

Baby cuddles:

Ellie doing Grandma's hair:

A farm Ellie made in the playroom and some pictures she took of it: 

A bug Ellie found outside while playing with Grandma, and insisted on taking pictures of:

One night soon after we brought Susie home, Ellie wrote this in chalk on the front porch:

"Do not put ice cream outside." (She asked for my help with the spelling of the last couple words.) Good advice.

Susie taking in the great outdoors:

More baby cuddles:

Playing outside with Grandma (and picking flowers for Mommy):

 (Zelda found her big yellow ball outside and was bouncing around on it like an exercise ball.)

Baby photoshoot:

More baby cuddles:

On Friday last week Jason had work and school off, so my mom watched Susanna for us in the morning and Jason and I took Ellie and Zelda to see Finding Dory. 

Before the movie:

They really liked it. One of Ellie's favorite parts was where they rode in the baby stroller. Afterwards we stopped at the Raleigh Temple, which is right off the road on the way home to our house, and walked around the grounds. It was beautiful and peaceful and the girls really liked all the flowers. 

Back home, Ellie took this picture of Susanna:

More baby cuddles:

Ellie selfies:

And this squirrel. Jason saw this squirrel hanging upside down getting seeds from the bird feeder one morning, but by the time he found a camera and came back it was sitting there staring at him like this:

The next morning it was back and Jason was able to get a picture of it in action:

And loving Grandma: 

The girls did so much fun stuff with Grandma the last two weeks. She took them to the library, the park, and the splash pad multiple times. Last Saturday she took all of us to the Museum of Life and Science in Durham (which was so cool and which is getting its own post). She helped me a ton at home by playing with Ellie and Zelda and holding the baby so I could do everything I needed to do. 

She went home on Wednesday, and we were really sad to see her go. We were so glad she could come out here and spend so much time with us. I love you Mommy!

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