Monday, June 27, 2016

Two Big Sisters and One Little Baby

Watching the girls with their new baby sister is so fun. They absolutely love her. They talk to her in soft voices and stroke her head. They bring us diapers and wipes and pacifiers for her and want to help feed her bottles.

Here Zelda is tickling her under her chin and saying "Gootchie gootchie goo!"

Ellie kissing her:

Ellie pulling her hair back after seeing the first picture and wanting to make sure the camera saw her face:

Zelda showing Susanna toys:

And bringing her stuffed animals: 

And feeding her: 

Ellie took this picture of Susanna:

Snuggling with the baby in the rocker:

Ellie trying to show Susanna off to the camera:

I just love these girls.

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  1. Too cute! The funnest thing about this is that Zelda is a big sister now! I can't believe you have three girls. Awww.


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