Monday, May 23, 2016

Six month's worth of funny quotes

Since I've updated the blog only rarely during this pregnancy, I have a looot of funny quotes from the girls to share with you. These stretch all the way back to November or December (and some even earlier). Enjoy!

Last year before I was pregnant, I was trying to think of how to introduce the idea of another sibling to Ellie.  I asked her, "Ellie, should we get a new baby?" She immediately responded, "No. I want to keep Zelda."

When I first found out I was pregnant, I told Ellie and Zelda. The very first thing Ellie said was, "Zelda!!!!! You're going to have a sister!!!!"

Doctors offices sometimes make Ellie nervous, because she knows that's where we get shots. She and Zelda have come with me to pretty much all of my OB appointments. The first time, I told them we weren't going to their doctor, we were going to the doctor for the baby in mommy's tummy. They were fine with that. We got there and were waiting in the room. The instant the doctor walked in the room, Ellie said to him, "I don't have a baby in my tummy. Zelda doesn't have a baby in her tummy, either."

Ellie and I were sitting on the couch.
Ellie: "Mom! I need you!! I need you!!"
Me: "What do you need, honey?"
Ellie: "Oh, I was just practicing."

Zelda, referring to her cousin baby Jane: "She's so beautiful, like Ellie and me."

Ellie: "Zelda, you're breaking my life." - in an argument about who got to play with the Jessie doll.

I was chopping garlic in the kitchen, and Zelda put her hand over her nose and said, "What's that stinky?"

We were driving home from the store and my window was partway down, and it was stuck. Ellie wanted me to roll it all the way down and I told her I couldn't; it was stuck. And then she said: "There are tiny, tiny worms that are keeping it up." And she said that for all the windows - all the windows had tiny tiny worms keeping them up.

Zelda messed something of Ellie's up and Ellie was like, "Zelda, you're breaking up my heart! Mom, Zelda's breaking my heart."

Jason picked Ellie up when she was wrapped in a towel after bath time, and she said, "Am I like a woman with no feet?"

Ellie: "Mom, I'm eating frozen peas. That will help my brain feel healthy."

Back in March:
Ellie: "Look at this big mess Zelda made! Zelda even let me pee on the floor."

Outside, when Ellie came down the stair in the backyard to where Zelda was playing:
Zelda: "Ellie! Ellie belly!"
Ellie: "Zelda! Zelda belda!"

When we were at Ellie's first soccer thing at the gym, Ellie looked around at all the kids then to Zelda she said, "Zelda, you're my girl," and then gave her a side-hug and kissed her.

Ellie and Jason were playing video games.
Me: "Are you guys having fun?"
Ellie: "Mhmm."
Me: "What are you and daddy doing? Are you exploring?"
Ellie: "Mhmm. In the jungle of personality."

Ellie, eating a bagel bite: "Are pizza seeds these little white things?"
Me: "No, those are cheese."
Ellie: "What do pizzas grow from?"

Ellie catches a fly out of the air with her thumb and her forefinger. "I hate flies."

One night at bedtime as the girls were getting in bed, Zelda was deciding which stuffed animals she wanted us to put in bed with her. Looking at her pile of stuffed animals, she told us seriously: "I want the giraffe and the all of them."

Veggie Tales are on netflix. One day Ellie asked me, "Can we watch veggitatoes?" (They both call it "veggietatoes" now.)

One weekend Jason was building a fort with the girls.
Jason: "Should we build a rectangle, or an octagon?"
Zelda: "Castle."
Ellie: "Square."

In primary at church:
Music leader: "When do you feel Jesus's love, Ellie?"
Ellie: "When I go potty in the toilet."
(I was in the back of the room and almost snorted with laughter. The music leader handled it super well though, she answered something like, "Yes, we can feel Jesus's love at all times.")

We got a little outdoor table and chair set so that we can eat dinner outside on our deck when the weather's nice. One of the first evenings we were out there, we were talking about the birds that we could hear chirping in the trees. Then Zelda said intently: "Listen listen listen...I hear a lion...and tiger...and cheetah...and three orange frogs."

Ellie: "Mom, it's time for your quiet nap time. I'll be quiet. And you will say "Aaaah!" if you wake up and I've done something."

Jason and I will usually help Zelda say her bedtime prayers, prompting her at different parts. This was at bedtime one night.
Me: "Thank you for..."
Zelda: "The food."
Me: "And..."
Zelda: "The food."
Me: "And..."
Zelda: "The food."
Me: "Please bless..."
Zelda: "The food."

Zelda: "Mom, stop talking to Daddy. He's boring. He's not listening to me."

Ellie: "Mom, remember the time I was just learning to count to infinity?"

A couple weeks ago the girls and I were in the playroom when the baby started to kick a lot. Normally when she kicks it doesn't hurt, but this time she must have been kicking some important organ because it hurt quite a bit.
Me: "Ow ow ow!"
The girls look at me. "The baby's kicking me," I explained, pointing to my tummy.
Zelda: "She's not kicking you. The baby's not kicking you Mommy. She's nice."

Zelda and I were looking at a book that showed the Nativity.
On the page that showed the angels appearing to shepherds in the fields, Zelda pointed at the angels and said, "Look! Tinkerbells!"
Me: "Oh, do you see those tinkerbell angels?"
Zelda, defiantly: "No. Those are Tinkerbells."

Last week Ellie, Zelda, and I were playing outside in the backyard. I was sitting on the big wide gravel steps that lead down to the grass and picking weeds from between the pebbles. Zelda wanted to sit on my lap the whole time, which normally wouldn't be a big deal but it kind of is at this point because I'm so pregnant; her sitting on my lap for a while really started to hurt me. After like 20 minutes I told her I couldn't do it anymore because my stomach was hurting, and I set her down and then stood up to continue picking weeds. All of the sudden the little plastic blue hammer toy that Zelda had been holding flew past my face, hitting me a little bit on the cheek.
Me: "Ow, Zelda!"
Zelda: "I was just trying to hit the baby."
Me: "You were trying to hit the baby?"
Zelda: "Yeah. She's kicking you."

(As Jason said when I told him the story, "We're gonna have to teach her some less extreme methods of correcting her sister," haha!)


  1. Too funny. Your kids are adorable.

  2. Aaah :) Wonderful. Thinking of Jesus on the potty, practicing getting attention + hearing the orange frogs. Excellent :)


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