Tuesday, May 31, 2016


May. What did we do in May? Well, I worked on my "grandparents project" a lot (recording and organizing their history). Which reminds me - I have something amazing to tell you! Remember when our computer crashed, and the biggest loss (for me) was the loss of the recording transcript from when I interviewed them?

Well, I FOUND IT! It was uploaded to my One Drive account! It was crazy, because I'd looked there like five times specifically for those files, and they just weren't there. And then I looked again on Mother's Day, and there they were! Just sitting there, in a folder waiting for me! I am SO happy! I've been able to make a lot of progress on the project this month, and I wouldn't have been able to if I'd had to transcribe the hours of interviews over again. So that is AWESOME.

Other than that, I got to spend a lot of time with these wonderful girls:

Look how tall Ellie is! She's just gone through a growth spurt, and she's a full head taller than Zelda right now.

Our peonies bloomed! We had four flowers this year. This is my one lame attempt at getting a picture of them, lol.

Ellie finished soccer. Here's Jason and Zelda at one of the last practices:

And Ellie, on the last day:

Jason found a ring-necked snake in our yard! It was really little and cute. (And it's not dangerous, in case the grandparents are wondering.) The girls were asleep at the time, so they didn't get to see it, but it was cool. 

Mother's Day was great. Jason and the girls totally spoiled me - cute love notes, a present, candy, a cake, nap time - lots of pampering. They are all wonderful and I love them so much. 

And they are cool. So cool.

A weekend or two ago we went to the bowling alley again, just to play at the arcade. The girls had a fun time, and we went out for snowballs again afterward.

(We realized as Jason was taking a picture that their outfits and ice cream matched the chairs they were sitting in. Blue everything for Ellie, purple for Zelda.)

One day the girls and I were doing chalk on our porch, and I drew a sun. There happened to be two yellow paint dots in the middle of the sun. Ellie saw them, and said I had forgotten to draw the smile (which she then helpfully included).

Now, here are pictures taken by Ellie this month. (She took a lot more, but I'm not sure you want to see 300 pictures of random stuff around our house, haha.)

(She gave me this blanket because "my stomach was cold," and then took a picture of the baby bump.)

This is Zelda's new penguin. She saw it when Jason and she went to Kohl's and she was being so cute with it that he couldn't resist getting it for her. 

Coming back from an OB appointment:

Zelda's started taking pictures this month, too. She'll get my phone, and then tell us to say cheese - whether we're in the room or not. I'll be in the kitchen and hear her saying, "Mom, say cheese!" So I'll yell back, "Cheese!" and then I'll hear the "click" of the camera. So we've got a lot of funny pictures taken by her. This one's my favorite:

Other things we did this month: Jason finished his orthopedics rotation and has started his pediatric rotation. It's great, because in addition to being one of the things he's most interested in (pediatrics), it's at our county's health department, which is even close to our house than Jason's school! So it's a super short commute for him (under ten minutes). That's been a nice change after him having to drive at least a half hour each way every day for the last couple months for his rotations.

I've been doing lots of baby preparation stuff, especially in the last week. I got all the newborn clothes down from the attic, washed them, folded them, and put them away (reorganizing the dresser in Ellie and Zelda's room in the process). I also got down all the other baby supplies we have (car seat, rocker, pack n' play, wrap, etc), and washed all of them, too.

Jason's been doing lots of yard work. He replaced some of the big wooden beams that hold up the steps leading down to the back yard, made a cute (I mean, um, manly) walkway leading to the basement door, replaced some of the boards on the deck, and has been taking care of the garden and keeping our yard looking nice.

Annnnnd I think that covers most of May!

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