Friday, May 13, 2016


All right, so as you know if you read this post about how our computer crashed, I don't have very many pictures from March. Here are the ones that we *do* have, because they were still on the camera (or phone) when the computer tipped over.

Some of them are kind of random, like this one of the girls having a sword fight with dusters in Target:

Or this one of Zelda being a "bumblebee princess" (she loves dress up and will frequently bring us dress up clothes she wants us to help her put on):

These next ones are from when our church had an Easter Egg hunt for the kids the day before Easter. They loved it. First the little kids got to go, then the big kids, then everyone all together.

Easter itself was really good. The Easter bunny hid different colored eggs around the house for the girls to find (Zelda got orange, her favorite color, and Ellie got purple and yellow). The Easter bunny hid them in harder spots for Ellie, but Zelda was surprisingly observant and found a lot of Ellie's for her (that Ellie didn't see) in addition to her own.

Nana came to visit us right after Easter. She was here for a couple days and the girls had so much fun with her. These pictures are from when we were playing in the backyard and Nana obligingly pulled the girls around and around in the wagon while they yelled "Choo choo! Choo choo!"

And this is a picture of what an amazing husband does when his pregnant wife has a craving for Cadbury Creme Eggs. Goes to the after-Easter candy sale and buys her the whole box:

I wish I could remember more of what we did in March, but sadly I can't. I know that March is when the weather really started warming up and everything started greening up, which was and is awesome!

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  1. Zelda looks like she's getting tall. I live Cadbury cream eggs..


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