Monday, May 30, 2016

Ellie's Soccer Season

Ellie was old enough this year to be in soccer. We registered her for the same soccer group that some of our friends from church are in, and it was absolutely great. I loved the organization, and how they did everything. The coaches were awesome and so kind to and fun with the little kids.

Jason and I had a lot of laughs during the soccer season, because Ellie was that one kid who, when all the other kids would be running in one direction, would be running in the opposite direction.

This picture's from the "kick off night":

Ellie had never played or even really seen soccer before playing it this year, so she improved a lot over the two months or so that the spring soccer season lasted (she had it every Saturday morning for one hour). The coaches had lots of fun games that helped the kids learn how to kick with their feet, how to control the ball, how to keep it close to them, and how to steal the ball from other players. One of Ellie's favorite games was the "cone game," where they knocked over little orange cones with their balls.

Zelda really wanted to play soccer, too, and was actually pretty impressive when she had a ball to kick around. I don't think she'll be old enough to start in the fall this year, although we wish she was!

The same organization has a fall soccer season too, and we'll be putting Ellie in again!

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