Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Our main events in April were:
  • The return of warm weather.
  • Jason finishing his rotation in internal medicine and beginning his rotation in orthopedics. 
  • Ellie went to a birthday party.
  • A visit from Grandma.
  • Me and Jason's sixth anniversary.

First of all: Spring! We had so many days of nice weather in April. Jason got some potting soil and plants and started a garden for us in the backyard, with tomatoes and zucchini and our strawberries that somehow survived from last year and all the pumpkin sprouts that are growing from where we left our pumpkins in the fall. He also got some flowers for the flower pots in the front yard. Here's Zelda helping water them:

Ellie's friend Hunter turned four and she went to his birthday party at a bowling alley. It was her first non-family member birthday party, and also her first time bowling! She had a ton of fun.

The party was Minion-themed, and a giant minion showed up a little while into the party and played with the kids. Ellie was a bit shy, but she liked him.

After playing a game of bowling, the kids all played in the arcade for a while. Ellie really like the arcade games, especially this one where she pumped this handle that made plastic balls fly up into this dog's mouth.

Eating cake:

My sister Alyse's husband Tanner finished up his podiatry schooling in Miami (he still has rotations at different locations for the next year before he graduates), and Alyse and the kids and Tanner will be moving around a lot this year. Their first move was in April, with Alyse and the kids moving from Miami to my dad's house in California and Tanner moving to Seattle for a month. My mom flew out to help Alyse by taking Ezra (her two-year-old) for a couple days, but before she went to Miami she stopped in North Carolina and visited us for two days! It was awesome!

One of the days that she was here, she took the girls and I up to the kids' museum in Raleigh. The girls had a blast.

Zelda put a leash on a stuffed animal cat and was dragging it around.

Then Saturday, April 23 was me and Jason's sixth anniversary!!! I love Jason so much. We had a really fun day doing several different things with the girls.

First we went strawberry picking:

Then we went bowling - Ellie had been begging to go back ever since the birthday party.

We splurged and got a bunch of arcade tokens so the girls could play every game they wanted to. Afterwards, we went next door and got "snow balls" (super soft shaved ice) that were really yummy and fun to eat. We went home and hung out for the rest of the day. It was a really good day.

And a few more pictures from April -

This one is from when the girls and I went to Walmart one day, and they were both riding in the cart and I grabbed a rubber chicken dog toy off the shelf and handed it to them to keep them happy while I got the stuff on our list. Turns out that when you squeezed the chicken, it squeaked. Really loudly. And all they wanted to do was make it squeak. The whole time we were walking around the store. In the laundry detergent aisle, this old lady was trying not to laugh, and she was like, "At least they're not crying!" Ah, so true.

This is from the day that Zelda found a fuzzy caterpillar and Ellie and Zelda got to watch him crawl all over their arms:

And these pictures are from when the girls were sitting on the couch one day, and Ellie told me, "Mom! Take a picture of me hugging Zelda!" and then "Mom! Take a picture of me kissing Zelda!"

I love these girls.

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