Friday, March 11, 2016

January and February

Okay, so catching up with what's been going on with us for the last two months:
  • Jason did a rotation in family practice last month and today is the last day of his rotation in surgery. He got sprayed in the face with blood last week.
  • Zelda painted:

 Zelda wanted me to take a picture of the paint on her fingers:

Another time:

  • We had an ice storm in January. It blew in on a Friday and took several days to melt. Luckily, Jason's work was canceled that Friday (the whole state pretty much shut down) and church was canceled on Sunday, so we didn't have to venture on the icy roads. I know people from the west think it's funny the whole state shuts down over "a little snow," but it's not the snow that's the problem - it's the ice. Imagine every road in your whole state was covered in black ice. Then imagine trying to drive anywhere. Yeah. The girls loved it, obviously. They said that "Elsa had come."
Frost the day before: 

Ellie going out to harvest ice from the deck:

One blade of grass:

  • We got a dog! Her name is Maggie (although Ellie will still occasionally insist that it's "Vanilla" - the name Ellie wanted to use). We got her from Love Mutts Rescue in Raleigh. They'll be a post on her tomorrow.
  • My mom came to visit at the end of January. She stayed for a weekend and the girls had such a fun time playing with her. 

Ellie showing that the tower was taller than her:

Ellie wanted to show the sticker on the bottom of this block:

  • We had a tornado warning two weeks ago. There was a big storm system that came up from the south and right across our area. We had a tornado watch for most of last Wednesday, and a tornado warning for several hours in the afternoon. We knew we were going to have a big storm that day, and I told the girls in the morning. Ellie wanted to watch the Daniel Tiger storm episode to prepare, so we did, and then she wanted to make a storm plan just like him. She was satisfied once we had collected a couple water bottles, a box of bandaids, and some flashlights and put them all together. Then she felt ready and pretty much forgot about the storm. We had wind and some moments of intense rain, but luckily we missed most of the bad part of the storm. I was staring out the windows all afternoon watching for signs of tornadoes, though. I was really relieved when all the storm clouds finally passed us by (at about 7 that night.)
  • I read "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up" by Marie Kondo, and it was awesome. In a nutshell, she says to only keep the things that "spark joy" in you. It was different from a lot of other decluttering books I read, because it focused on feelings rather than function. And the techniques talked about in the book really help you feel gratitude for what you have. So, I've been going through our whole house for the last month and getting rid of tons. (Another thing the book emphasizes is decluttering by category, rather than by room. For example, do all clothes first, then books, then office/craft supplies, etc.) It's been awesome. Sooo many big bags full of stuff have left our house - either donated, or to friends, or trashed. Some things we've sold on Amazon, and I have a couple more I need to list there and on Craigslist. Everything left in our house really does bring me more joy than before. I highly recommend the book to anyone interested.
  •  It rained:
  • And these pictures don't fit into any particular category:

 Going camping:

 Playing in their "rocketship":


 Making faces:

 Watching a show:


 Being fabulous:


  1. That first picture is a classic haha! You're girls are too cute!

  2. E and Z are so cute...and animated! :) I love their rain coats. I miss coat weather. AND Maggie! Exciting things happening at your house!


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