Monday, March 21, 2016


Last week I was working on a sewing project in my room (with my door closed because it involved feather pillows and I didn't want the girls to get into it and make a mess - ha) when Ellie yelled that Zelda was making a mess in the kitchen. I told her I would come in a moment, and kept working.

During the next five minutes I could hear lots of giggling and running up and down the hallway. When I finally opened my door, I knew it was going to be a bad one - there were white footprints everywhere. In the hallway, in the other bedrooms, in the family room - everywhere. I followed the main trail of white footprints to the kitchen.

When I turned the corner I saw Zelda there, standing in a pile of cornstarch, completely covered from head to toes. Her normally dark hair was white. She proudly showed me how she had dumped out three boxes of cornstarch, and how every surface in the surrounding rooms was covered in a fine layer of white dust.

It took us the whole rest of the day to clean up. (Ellie helped me. Zelda took a bath and a nap.)


  1. Wow.
    It's better than a black sharpie, used On freshly painted walls and a dining room set.
    Too bad there werent cell phones with cameras then.

  2. My Daughter was a little younger than Zelda when I wasn't watching she got my "Interlude"Bath powder and puff then proceeded to make white puff circles covering the entire sofa. Interlude back then was expensive to me but our whole little house smelled wonderful for days. Wouldn't take anything for that memory. She is now 50yrs.old.


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