Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Brynn's Birthday

Okay, I know it's the first week of February, which means I really have to get on it about posting the rest of our pictures from our Christmas vacation to California. I'm going to try and post all of them today.

On the day before Christmas Eve, we had a birthday party for Brynn, Tiffany's youngest daughter. It was a Princess party, and it was so cute. All of the games Tiffany came up with fit into the theme and were just so clever and fun.

Here are (almost - we're missing Everett!) all of the cousins before the party:

When the party started, all of the little girls were given fluffy tutus and some costume jewelry to wear so that they could be princesses. The first game was "tie up the prince like Rapunzel does in Tangled." The little kids were given rolls of toilet paper, and then all of the uncles got wrapped up.

This game was so fun - I'm sad I don't remember exactly how it works (I'll have to ask Tiffany!) but she told them a princess story, and at various points all of the girls had to take a bite out of a "poisoned" apple. Then they "fainted," and one of the handsome princeses (uncles) had to give them a (Hershey's) kiss. It was really cute.

They then played the "magic carpet" game (musical chairs).

The next game was "Kiss the frog on the lips" (like Pin the tail on the donkey, but with lipstick.) Here are Emily and Ellie after their turn:

And finally they had presents and cake. Here is the birthday girl Brynn rocking her fancy sunglasses:

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