Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Smith Christmas Get-togethers

Every year, the Smith extended family gets together for a Christmas party a couple days before Christmas. It used to be at my grandparents' house when I was a kid, but for the last decade or so it's been at my dad's house. It is one of my favorite events of the whole year. Everyone comes over, we all have dinner, the kids do the nativity story (complete in costumes brought by Grandma), the kids do a candy exchange, and the adults do a white elephant gift exchange. It is always so fun and so good to see everybody. Here are some pictures from this year's party.

Baby Jane, Tanner, and Ezra:

Ezra and Ellie as shepherds:

Brooklyn as Mary and baby Jane as baby Jesus:

Nativity in progress:

The next night we got together again - this time to do a family temple trip! It was really cool. My dad does a lot of family history, and has literally hundreds of names we can do temple work for. My cousin Ashley suggested that we should do a family temple trip together, and we all thought it was a good idea. So on Tuesday we all met at the temple and did a session together. Jason's mom watched Ellie, Zelda, Ezra, and Jane for us. Afterwards we went to Farrell's ice cream parlor, where some of the younger cousins joined us. I got to sit next to my Grandma and it was awesome. We want to try and do a family trip every year.

Grandpa and Ezra:

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