Saturday, January 23, 2016

Christmas Cousin Time

This Christmas vacation we stayed at my dad's house in California. We had lots of fun at his house and with the Smith cousins, but we also got to go to Nana and Papa (Jason's parents') house and spend lots of time with the Thomas side of the family and with all the Thomas cousins. Ellie and Zelda loved being able to see and play with their cousins so much.

Ellie, Zelda, Emily, and James playing in the backyard:

Things got even crazier and more fun when Tiffany (Jason's sister)'s family got into town.

One day we all went to Orange County Zoo. In this picture, back row from left to right: Brynn, Mikayla, Emily, Ellie, and Aubrey. Front row from left to right: Skylar, James, and Zelda.

We got to pet the goats:

 So many little girls:

Fairy bubble play time in Nana and Papa's backyard:

And dinner at the kids' table:

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