Friday, January 15, 2016

Captain's Log, Week 299

Weeee're baa-aack! After a rough (very nauseous) start to this pregnancy, I am now 17 weeks and really starting to feel better. I have so many photos from over Christmas break that I'm going to do a series of little posts to catch up. This is my "general" catch up post, explaining where we've been since I posted our last real Captain's Log (like two months ago!).

November, in general, was very low-key. I was nauseous the whole month, so most days involved me lying on the couch, trying to move as little as possible while the girls played around me. Our Thanksgiving was good; we went to our friend the Johnson's house with some of the other student families.

Back in November, Ellie was really sick for like a week. She had a high fever (103-105 degrees) that just kept spiking up whenever she wasn't on medicine. She wasn't eating much and was lethargic and not herself. Over several days, after a trip to Urgent Care, her regular doctor's, and the ER, she finally started to get better on her own. They don't know what it was; they ruled out some of the more common things. Just some nasty virus. We were so relieved when she started feeling better and acting like herself again.

Jason finished up his psych rotation the first week of December, and then had a week off before we left for California. We were going to fly out December 13, and Ellie's birthday was December 14, so we wanted to do a little birthday party at home for her before we left.

Very excited Zelda

Zelda helped Ellie blow out her candles:

Our flights out to California were pretty good. We had to get up suuuper early in the morning on the 13th and our friend Lacrecia drove us to the airport, where we took one flight to Atlanta and then another to Orange County airport. The girls did pretty good on the flights, but we were all really tired when we arrived in California.

The next day, December 14, was Ellie's fourth birthday, so we had a little birthday party for her at my dad's house. The girls were laughing at how Grandpa was making a loud noise with a balloon party favor:

Ellie loved her little party (which was dinosaur-themed, by the way).

The next couple weeks were filled with grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, trips to the zoo, trips to the park, Christmas, and more.

We flew back to North Carolina on New Year's Eve. Since then Jason's started his new rotation (family practice) and the girls and I have played and read a lot. My nausea is finally starting to get really under control, which has been great. I've felt like eating (and even cooking!) again and have been able to clean and do all sorts of things it's been hard for me to do.

So that's where we are right now! Back home and having a good start to the new year. :)


  1. Yay! I'm excited to read new posts!

  2. I love Zelda and the nesquick! It's amazing how quickly the kids grow.


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