Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween Costumes and Pumpkins

Happy Halloween! We had a really fun weekend at our house. Last week we showed Zelda the bumblebee costume she was going to wear for Halloween, and she loved it. She worse it pretty much the whole weekend, from Friday onward. It's the same one Ellie wore two years ago; here are Ellie's pictures as a bumblebee, if you want to see them (because of course you do. It's really striking how different she and Zelda look!).

This year Ellie was a "Green Doggy" for Halloween. She decided all by herself that was what she wanted to be, and then had very specific requirements as to what her costume would look like. When we went to Walmart last week to look for green clothes we could make into her costume, Ellie rejected pretty much every green item of clothing in the store because it was too "dark green," and she wanted super super "light green." We finally found this hoodie sweater in the teen girl section that she approved of, and said it was the perfect color. From there it was just a matter of sewing felt ears and a tail on. Ta-da! A green doggy costume, Ellie-approved.

After we had taken a couple pictures of Zelda in her costume, I tried to take some of Ellie, but Ellie told me we were now playing a game called "Catch the bumblebee:"

On Friday we started carving our pumpkins. Well, the girls and I carved their pumpkin, and Jason started carving his three pumpkins.

Jason in the planning stages:

The girls scooping out the guts of their pumpkin:

Here's what me and the girls' pumpkins turned out like. Mine is on the right, same pumpkin I always do, and Ellie and Zelda's is on the left. Ellie told me what to carve - rectangle eyes, square nose, and "scary teeth" and I carved it for them.

On Halloween night we bundled the girls up in a couple layers beneath their costumes (it was a bit cold, but not too bad) and set off a little bit before six to start trick or treating. Since the houses are a bit far apart in our neighborhood, we took the stroller so the girls wouldn't get tired out too soon.

They had a lot of fun trick or treating and were perfectly satisfied to come back after about an hour. When we got home they both wanted to help hand out candy to trick or treaters. Zelda sat outside with Daddy for a little while, and Ellie kept watch at the door after that. They also watched Curious George's Halloween special, then went down to bed pretty easily. It was really a great night with them.

Okay, are you guys ready to see Jason's pumpkin this year?

Are you sure?



Winnie the Pooh and friends!

And he carved two more pumpkins as honey pots.

Here they all are in the light:

And the dark:

Jason is so talented and I always love to see how his pumpkins turn out.

And that was our Halloween weekend! Hope yours was good too!


  1. man it's crazy how different your girls look! That's how our boys are too. Interesting how some siblings look so much alike and others so different. They are both so cute though and I love their costumes. Bradley was very specific about his costume this year too. He completely designed his own. I thought that was really fun. :) And Jason's pumpkins are always AMAZING! I have no idea how he does that! So cool! :)

    1. My son and daughter couldn't look any less alike. When they were in high school and one would point the other out to their new friends... the response was always the same. "THAT'S your BROTHER/SISTER?????" hahahahaha

  2. Your husband is one talented pumpkin carver!!


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