Friday, October 9, 2015

Captain's Log, Week 285

Picture of Zelda taken by Ellie

This Captain's Log covers our last two and a half weeks.

Now that Zelda's sleeping in a toddler bed instead of a crib, it takes a lot longer for the girls to go to sleep at night. We can hear them playing in their room for a long time after we put them to bed, and when we go in there in the morning we often find their books and stuffed animals all over the room.

We also often find Zelda and Ellie both sleeping in Ellie's bed. Here's a couple times we found them like that in the last few weeks:

We have had so much rain the last couple weeks. We were cooped up inside until just a day or two ago, because it was so wet and cold and cloudy outside. It has been wonderful to be able to play outside again in the sun.

During the times we were able to play outside, Jason and the girls found a turtle and we found frogs on two separate occasions. (Zelda found the frog the first time. "I found a fog! I found a fog!" she told us.) 

To me this looks like Zelda sitting on her nest.
The turtle

Last weekend was General Conference and NANA CAME TO VISIT! It was so fun to have her here. It was a really short trip; she came on Thursday and left on Saturday afternoon, but the girls loved spending time with her.

With Nana they painted pumpkins:

Went to the children's museum:  

(Funny quote from when we were driving on up to the museum. Diana (Nana) saw a school bus and said, "There's a lot of school buses around. It must be a school day for the big kids." Ellie: "And medium kids go too, and small kids. And also short kids.")

(This is the "911" phone. It teaches kids how to talk to a 911 operator. It's one of Ellie's favorite parts of the kid's museum; she makes sure to do it every time.):

Nana had Ellie stand next to her name
Zelda wanted to stand against the wall and have her picture taken, too

And went to Home Depot on Saturday morning. The first Saturday of every month they have a free craft for kids, and this month it was making little wooden fire trucks. The girls enjoyed it (and Ellie was actually pretty good at hammering nails!); I definitely want to do it more in the future.

A few other things we did in the last couple weeks: 

- Got our flu vaccines. They gave Ellie and Zelda a little set of Olaf stickers afterwards: Ellie spelled "Olaf" upside down on her shirt (right side up to her) and built Olaf (you stuck individual stickers together to build the snowman). 

When we were driving home, I explained to Ellie and Zelda that the shot put some medicine inside us that would help keep the germs away. Ellie asked, "Is water medicine, to keep the hiccups away?"

- Got ice cream at Sunni Sky's. It was our friend's baby's first birthday, and we all went to get ice cream.

- Got haircuts. Ellie and I got haircuts yesterday and then went to Target. Whenever we go to Target, Ellie has to sit on every. single. red. ball. before we go inside.

- Bought a dresser off Craigslist and painted it yellow. The dresser that we've been using for a long time (our whole marriage, actually), is very good quality, but seems tall and out of place in our bedroom. So I've been watching Craigslist for a while, and last week we bought a dresser from someone local. I'd wish I'd taken a "before" picture; it was brown and had long wooden handles. I primed it, painted it yellow (and the insides of the drawers white), bought and spray painted pulls (which Jason installed), and this is our new dresser! We also arranged some of Jason's artwork above the dresser like a little gallery. I love it!

And that sums up our last couple weeks. :)

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