Monday, September 14, 2015

Captain's Log, Week 281

Okay, this week I basically have a load of cute pictures for you. We stayed at home and played outside a lot. That really sums up most of our week!

Ellie and Zelda playing hopscotch for the first time:

This picture of Zelda giving me the side-eye cracks me up:

 Here's Cat covered in wood chips and a tissue:

As I was looking at him, trying to figure out why he was covered in junk, Zelda came up and dumped another handful of woodchips on him. She then turned to me and told me, "He's hungry." Ah, got it.

We got a couple cheap lawn chairs from Walmart and the girls love them.

One time this week Ellie was sitting in that pink chair in the family room, with her feet up on the piano bench, playing with the ipad and petting her stuffed animal cat that she had propped up on the armrest. She reminded me strongly of the archvillian from Inspector Gadget.

Zelda watching a show (probably Tinkerbell and the Neverbeast. We've watched that another million times):

Ellie chasing Zelda, trying to give her a flower so that she (Ellie) could get a cottonball in the "nice" jar for doing something nice:

She did earn some ice cream:

Other things from this week:

Our ward (congregation) had their annual fish fry on Saturday. It was fun, and the fish was so yummy! The kids played Red Rover outside after we'd all eaten, but Ellie couldn't stand still long enough to play. She kept army crawling all over the lawn instead, and right through the middle of the game.

I injured both my hands on Saturday (in small ways). I mowed the lawn in the morning and got a blister on my right hand, right at the base of my thumb, where the skin immediately detached all around except one side. So that's been bandaged up all weekend. Then on the other hand (using that phrase in a literal sense makes me giggle), a couple hours later I accidentally cut through most of the skin on the top of my index finger using steak scissors. Sooo, that's been bandaged up too. (It happened in a grocery store - but they were my own scissors - actually on the way to the fish fry - I was cutting packing material - long story - but it was great because I had the bandaid on my right hand {from the blister} that I could use right there, immediately. I figured the severed finger was higher priority at that moment than the blister, lol. And it was a specialized finger bandaid too! So I just swapped it, and then got another bandaid for the blister when we got to the church. It was perfect!)

Zelda's potty training herself. She keeps telling us she needs to use the potty, and then actually uses it. Yesss!!!

And finally, yesterday Ellie was talking about her next birthday (which isn't until December), and told us that she didn't want balloons this time. When we asked her what kind of party she wanted, she thought for a minute and then told us, "A blanket party! And we'll all bring our blankets!"

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  1. Zelda is looking so grown up! Her hair is getting long. So cute!!!


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