Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Captain's Log Week 282

What the girls said this week

Ellie was yelling for me. "Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom!" Then, to Zelda she said: "There are four names. Mom, Mommy, Mama, and Jocelyn. And Jocelyn Thomas."

At night, Zelda will ask, "U-buy? U-buy?" for a lullaby, and then when we start singing, she'll specify, "Woody's song." So then we'll sing "You've Got a Friend in Me," and she gets this big smile on her face.

Zelda, walking around our house one morning: "Sydney? Sydney? Sydney, where are you? Sydney?"

Zelda has a couple words she says that sound strangely like each other: Octopus, Popsicle, Bicycle, Basketball. Each of these can be confused with any other in the list.

What we did this week

We decorated the house for fall:

We mashed up berries we found outside:

 Jason finished his OB/GYN rotation, and we all went on a morning bike ride:

 We played with praying mantises and a frog:

 Ellie, all by herself, drew this "elephant that was blowing balloons out of its nose":

 We went on a nature walk in Fuquay from South Park down through the Environmental Park:

 Zelda made her funny grumpy face:

And we went to stake conference down in Fayetteville (here is Zelda trying to carry all the toys out of the nursery after Jason told her she could bring one to the room we were watching conference in):

This week I also re-read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and Chamber of Secrets, and sewed myself a sleeping gown out of several different pajama pants pairs and a night shirt I had. It looks like a cross between a hippy dress and a Halloween witch costume. But it's really comfortable. :)

Jason is now on his "Evidence Based Medicine" (EBM) rotation, which means he's be writing sort of a master's thesis in the next month.

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